Scan IP Addresses on LAN with MAC/IP Scanner

Think of this case. You are a new network admin to a company network and the network has been running for a long time. Now you’d probably want a list showing you how many laptops, desktop, printer, switches there are. And for the best, you need their IP addresses and MAC addresses so you can find the device quickly when you need to see it in person. But there isn’t a list. So now what? Yes, you need a tool – MAC/IP Scanner, start a scan, and you get the list. This post introduces the IP/MAC addresses scanners we can find on the web, and their features.

Colasoft MAC Scanner (Free)

Colasoft MAC Scanner Free Screenshot

Colasoft MAC Scanner Free Screenshot

By its name – MAC Scanner, in fact it’s not just a MAC scanner. You can use it to scanner all alive MAC/IP addresses in a subnet. And it’s not just MAC and IP addresses, you can see the name of each machine as well. It uses ARP protocol, so this MAC Scanner can only scans MAC and IP addresses in a subnet. So we start a scan, and we get all the MAC addresses and IP addresses in our network, we can print out the list. So we can quickly look up the machine. And most of all, it’s free. There is also a more powerful commercial edition out there as well. It has a database, so you can edit and manage your addresses pool in the database.

Guess what. We find a way that you can get the commercial edition for FREE. How we do this? Keep it secret. You just need to download and install another product from Colasoft - Colasoft Capsa – it’s a network analysis software (what are the best network analysis freeware?). Also it’s free. And you’ll find it has the commercial version of Colasoft MAC Scanner built-in. So now, you get the full version. Download MAC Scanner Free @

Fluke IP Inspector

IP Inspector

Fluke IP Inspector

IP Inspector is also a freeware, but it takes many steps to register, check email, download, and activation. Even it’s freeware, but also requires activation, if you don’t, you can only use it for 7 days. Let’s see what IP Inspector can do.

  1. Scan IP of multi-segments, so we can scan all IP addresses of the entire network on a single machine.
  2. Scan IPv4 & IPv6 (but I don’t know how to input IPv6 addresses).
  3. Scan variety types of ports, i.e. HTTP (80), echo (7), FTP (21), and also use port combination.

We can start a scan, and let’s see what we get. IP Inspector shows the IP addresses that you need to scan, IPv6 addresses if any, host name, MAC address of the IP, and when the address is first found and last found. Another feature is that you can click menu icon > Export, the records will be copy and paste to Excel book. Then you can edit, print or save in Excel. A good feature for documentation. Download IP Inspector @

(More to continue…)

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